Holiday Desserts


Holiday Dessert Menu 

($18.00 per dozen) 

Flourless Chocolate Diamond topped w/ Peppermint

Linzer Torte

Cream Puffs

Pecan Cranberry Cups

Assorted Cheesecake (eggnog, pumpkin, chocolate mint, raspberry)

Lemon Curd Phyllo Purses

Holiday Fruit Nut Florentine

Coconut Cake Roll



Holiday Cookie Packages  

Holiday Butter Cookie Package $6.00
Small Holiday Cookie Package $9.75 
Large Holiday Cookie Package $16.75 


 **Small and Large Holiday Cookie Packages Include ALL of the following cookies** 
(No Substitutions, Cookies ONLY available as package, Cut-Out Cookies Available for sale in store-front)


Peppermint Patty Sandwich
Holly Clusters 
Cherry Pistachio Biscotti
Thumb Print Cookies w/ Apricot or Raspberry
Mini Ginger Bread Men 

 Red Velvet Crinkles

Coconut Cranberry Chews

Peanut Butter Kisses

Christmas Checker Box